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Adam, the name I’ve given to that who I refer to as my Higher Consciousness, shares with me a series of lessons, laws, and rules that we call the path to The Heart Guided Life.

As I accepted this role of service as a messenger and I have absolute faith in its message.  I share it, without intent, with anyone who is interested. You may choose to read these thoughts and stories as entertainment or allow your inner self to be reenergized by the words it knows deep within, but regardless, the message comes from a pure and truthful place.

We are all given life because of the love from a greater source.  That which created the ground we walk, set forth the hope for life with the only purpose: to perpetuate life itself.  

Life was created to perpetuate life, over and over, there are no other objectives – just that life should always continue. This path is being provided now because it’s time to allow those that have been awaiting this awakening to clearly see their next steps. 

Consider this, if you were creating life and you wanted it to continually expand – would you not build a beautiful world for it to live that was full of options, choices, and adventures?  And, because of this eternal existence in mind, our creator, whatever you believe It to be, did so with love and truth.  For why would life want to keep living if it was unhappy if it had no will if there was just an eternal hamster wheel of endless unfilled dreams and loss.  

Law No.1 – Life was not created for you to endure suffering or that of an existence based on trials, tribulations or quantifiable physical measurements that most of whom share your planet conceive of as success.  When we added life to the emptiness of the universe, it was meant to bring sound, joy and a co-creating partner to complete us.  The heartbeats of the living are the rhythm of the universe.

When humankind inherited the Earth, it (humankind) abandoned itself by personalizing and monetizing the human experience through the word of the Creator and the Leaders that were left behind.

The current conditions of the human environment are those of our own doing and will be corrected by their undoing.  But, first, we will begin to align with that of our higher consciousness, that which has guided us from birth – from day one, the birth of our planet.

We were “created” to have a happy life, and a complete experience rather than like the one (at least most of us) are currently are having.

The Heart Guided Life isn’t a religion because it offers a naturalistic higher perspective viewpoint which sees everything and everyone as important and with the same right to happiness and life.

The Heart Guided Life only asks that you let your heart guide you, it is one of the tools (Adam will explain more) that we were given at life.  It will always tell you what is the right path to take.

I look forward to seeing you along the path to a … Heart Guided Life!

Mr. K

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