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Walking with Adam – The Journey Begins

The Journey to a Heart Guided Life – Walking with Adam

On Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 9:40am PST, I boarded a bus and with whatever personal belongings that fit in a backpack.  Everything from that minute forward would be guided by Adam, my inner voice, my higher conscious – that bigger part of us that we are blessed with at birth.

Only instructed by his command to “Leave!”, and without doubt in my heart, I agreed, and immediately began learning about detachment and impermanance. First my car, then my clothing followed by all of the things that I collected and “thought” were important.

I give up any choice of where I would go and would let Adam guide me to where my pure truth and happiness awaits.  In doing so I would have to say goodbye to the person I was and forget everything I thought, knew or believed. My life, safety, protection and comfort would be determined only by Adam, and I would follow whatever series of circumstance he presented me but knowing it would lead me where I should be – to a Heart Guided Life.  My only resources would be Adam’s teachings, his guidance and barely any money.

Adam orchestrated a series of events leaving me with only several days to cash in whatever value I could for everything that wouldn’t fit in a backpack, which at that point I didn’t even have yet, and with only knowledge of a bus departure and time.  From there on out – he would guide me.

Now, as I write this, I find myself deep in the Northern California mountains in pitch darkness, dwarfed by Ponderosa trees so tall that they block out the sky not even allowing the glow of the stars that I forgot share this universe with us, and living in a semi-abandon cabin amoung remenents of left behind things that other people once thought were important, too, and didn’t fit in their backpacks.

This is my walk with Adam, where I must go where he guides me so together, we, can bring light where there is darkness.

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