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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day Two  (note to self – not in order, just jumping around and remembering stories)

Waking up today felt abnormally normal today as I reached over to hit the side button on my iphone’s alarm to enjoy a little snooze time.  Also, I knew I had to embrace to get out from under my warm blankets in a cabin with no insulation or heat.  

We are located quite high in the mountains and during the days it is hot, however, at night it gets quite cold.  While it’s still only September, the low morning temp is around 40.  There is barely plywood and a layer of 50 year old pressed bored siding that has been mostly eaten or weathered away.  It only took one morning of sleeping in my boxers and t-shirt to realize what a mistake that was so I had a few layers of clothing on.

My morning routine seems to be developing, so I guess an old dog does learn new tricks – except for the one that almost attacked me today, but that is just one of today’s lessons.

I’m using my mess kit that is what one usually uses when camping, the traditional metal dishes with plastic cups tied with a strap.  Even though I found a pot in a cabinet, it seems senseless.  These simple metal bowls with a detachable handle work perfectly and then I can just eat right out of it.

I took my oatmeal down a small path from my cabin to the creek and plopped down on a large rock.  While I doubt my mother could recognize me because I’m covered in layers, a blanket wrapped around my head in my eyeglasses holding a metal bowl with oatmeal in my left hand a large wood stick in my right so I didn’t fall down.

Up until today, while I was driving with Joe I didn’t realize there was TV in the area.  I have no TV or internet access in my cabin and have often not been able to get a cell signal.  While I am on a tight budget, I opted to keep it on airplane mode besides it’s already been just two days I’m trekking up and down hills, through dirt and abandon cabins.

As we drove past one woman who was watching Jeopardy on her desk, and a sign in her trailer window saying Mai Tai’s Maison. As we passed I got excited that there was a TV and hoped to befriend this magnificent woman with this strange invention.     

One thing to note, regardless of one’s station in life, where it is of wealth or poverty: Class and dignity are why we are considered highly evolved.  When you are grateful for what you have, whatever it is, like I am for these stupid metal bowls – you demonstrate it through the way you pay it respect.  

While these are simple bowls, I still set a table for myself, light a candle and play beautiful music while who knows what keeps scratching at my cabin window while a fly continually buzzes over my head.

(This is where I break to catch the fly and let it outside.)

At 7:30am is meditation in a tiny cabin, about 8′ x 10′ space where each morning Joe comes and sits on large pills on a wood floor with an altar built into the space in the center of the room.  All who stay here are free to join him and, I will say, those who haven’t are a fool.  

A cosmic tethering takes place when this small group of three of us unite in meditation.  I wish church would have felt this good growing up.

Meditating for me has taken on new meaning since I arrived here.  The first night of arrival, which is only two nights ago but feels like a month.  Time is almost slowing down, I keep writing about some many things happening yet it’s only been hours and days.  

The fly on the lamp is mesmerizing and almost carries on a meaningful dance with me.  Keeping it’s distance and enjoying the warmth of the light, company in a way.  

My morning meditations with Joe are going to be limited because he and his family are heading out of town after working a busy summer season.  It’s my hope that I have given both him and his wife, Noah, a good impression as they, metaphorically we will say – leave the ark, and I will be tasked self-sufficiently.  Means, there’s a lot to do and I just need to get it done.

For most people that know me, they know I tend to work well alone.  This is the Alchemist in me.  Leave me be to my dark room to work my potions and I will come out with gold.

My appetite has been ferocious, at times I can not stop eating and have been craving dense heavy foods.  While I am having mixed feelings about eating meat, only due to the fact that I see it being an important ingredient in man’s diet, it has been from the beginning of time.  Although, I have difficulty and struggle with how it is done in more of a spiritual and blessing way.

When eating meat, please take a second and thank the life that knew how imortant your life was that it needed to choose giving you nourishment rather than another existence.  Some ask, would you do the same?  A simple, Thank you for giving me nourishment, is more than sufficient.  At times, I’ve given and In and Out burger just a wink.

After I finished my oatmeal I washed my hair and face in the kitchen sink, brushed my teeth and through on my boots and ran out for work.  This has probably been the longest between times I’ve showered and changed clothes in recent history and I hate to say, I sort of like it.

It doesn’t seem customary that they day starts at any particular time except at 7:30am with meditation.  After that, the morning just walls into place.  I’ll often work around my cabin.  Cleaning and straightening of what has fallen through the night.  The cabin I am in is engulfed in the tallest pine trees I’ve ever seen, and out of anywhere else on the property – the land is peppered with giant rocks and boulders.  

The rocks form patterns in the ground that create settings ideal for people coming together and sharing ideas and hopes.  Each of these rocks are covered in beautiful green moss.  I hope to create a type of rock garden where the formations are highlighted.  When I first arrived, there was some furniture outside from the previous tenants.  This property offers both monthly rentals, vacation, campers in tents, trailers and RVs.  Each day walking through the park has been an adventure.  I could only imagine what it would be like during it’s peak season.  

As I only have a short time with people before the majority of them leave for the season, although there will be enough behind for me to intermingle and ponder Adam’s writings.

Joe, at 61, is a mean, lean, well-tempered man with grey/ white hair and a kind smile that makes you wish he was your best friend.  Since I had started some tasks on my own that morning, I worked my way over to where I could usually find Joe.  After a quick chat about the plans for the day, I got a “I’ll be right back.” and after some time he returned and handed me a pair of working gloved.  I knew he meant action time.

We walked halfway across the property while he pointed out interesting facts along the way, you could see how much work and care he put into his land.  He and his wife purchased the run down property a few years ago and have been trying to create a spiritual retreat center.

The difficulty I find is that there is mixed bag of beliefs and religions that have permeated the ground and people in this area for generations and trying to soften people up to a new kinder thought already began to stain my nerves.  My first encounter was a young girl who is so confused with what she thinks she should do, the only thing that makes sense is for her to follow in her highly dysfunctional families Jehovah Witness faith.  While the Adam teachings embrace personal beliefs, it is obvious that she doesn’t truly believe this is her path but she, almost, refuses as if taught to agree, that one of her religion will be the light.

As Joe and I emptied a couple cabins of furniture and moved it into makeshift storage spaces with seems like a little piles of toys everywhere just to have to keep moving them to other spaces.  A newborn’s version of Sisyphus.  And because Adam’s strength keeps growing, I am picking up more on latent feelings from those around me.  

I see myself quickly falling into old routines to be the star of the job, to be the one that magically transform something and to get a big gold star.  I have to try and keep focused on what my intentions are for this first part of the journey.  This is a time for me to heal and strength, to build my perspective on a world outside of that which I have known and to determine how to proceed with Adam’s writings.

As Joe and I went into each of these abandon cabinets, there about 10 of them on the property that sit there are a reminder of dreams which once were, a time of human need and collecting of objects that we struggle to buy and now are piled outside on the ground and are slowly consumed by nature.

After just packing my own life up and dismantling what I once believed to be important and my prize possessions only a few days ago, to be in a situation like this – an entire community like setting with a property full of cleaning up and dismantling.  This is hopefully not a sign that Adam’s wants me to be the universe’s moving and clean-up service.  

Each cabin we walked into felt heavy, the weight of all of the work that needs to be done, the weight of many current inhabitants of the property being those that have come and gone for decades and are against change, the weight of Joe’s worry and concern to make sure his family secure and the weight of not knowing truly what it is that this 100 acre dream is suppose to be.  

While I hope to have impressed Joe with my physical abilities to haul trash, move furniture and carry my own weight – I couldn’t help to resist asking him the questions that Adam seemed to be annoying me with as we drove around in this old vintage hauling truck.  

In particular, after we took an hour’s break to eat, where I went back to my cabin and finished a salad from the evening before, upon returning Joe’s energy was noticeably different.  Personally, I didn’t care to get involved and just wanted to finish the work at hand.  However, Adam couldn’t help to wonder what had changed.

“Joe, did something happen during lunch?  Is everything ok?”, I asked.  At first he shrugged it off and said everything was fine.  Of course, Adam is saying in my ear that he wasn’t being truthful and that is always a sign of a good lesson being buried in the crutch of vibrational beingness.  

I reassured Joe that I am always a pair of ears when he needs it, he replied by explaining what actually happened during our little lunch break.

It seemed that there is a water leak somewhere on the property that is the responsibility of the water service company, however, he received a $1600 water bill which is about 5 times the amount.  I immediately got shivers down my spine because even recently, prior to my departure, I had a similar situation where it drained part of the saving I had to do this journey.

I told Joe that it will work itself out and hope he saw this as an actual prediction, even though Adam offers many pieces of information well in advance of them happening – I still struggle with that of giving these predictions.  Although this seemed innocent enough.

As we went about hauling furniture and trash out of these cabins and from along the dirt roads that ran through the property, I couldn’t imagine Joe having to do most of this work on his own.  My heart went out to him and, even though he’s in physically great shape – I felt pity that he had to carry the energetic weight that still seeps from the group, along with that of my of the lower conscious thinkers that make up the beings whom he encounters.  

Before Joe and I started our day, I had an opportunity to spend some time with Elias, Joe and his wife Noah’s child of three years ago.  This long hair blonde bullet of energy races around the property like an angelic cherub hunting in a labyrinth of dark energy for that of the light.  At such an age it’s much easier to see the level of consciousness and when it’s at high and low levels.  This is one skill I hope to develop more stronger when dealing with people of age or that whom have been disconnected for longer periods.

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