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Sunday, September 18, 2016 @ 7:15PM PST

Time seems like a vague concept to me so I can’t recall the exact moment I walked onto this property two weeks ago tonight.  It’s been a vortex of personal healing, emotional lessons inspired by the cast of characters Adam began lining up from the very start and, now – as I begin my third week, with Joe and his family returning on Wednesday, I am almost excited to see what new paths start lighting up.

Is my time almost done here? No doubt there would be plenty more to learn but these last couple weeks were filled: compassion, reciprocity, etc.

Even though Adam is guiding this journey, I still negotiate with him because some messages can be confusing.  Because that which is made up of my present earthly experience, my living history from birth until present makes up my overall knowledge base – I wouldn’t be able to use terms that I wasn’t familiar with or other academic property for which was learned.

As they communicat through, as you well enough know this already, it is through thought and mind.  Thought perpetuates that which the mind knows and understands.  That’s always when you experience dreams of such lucidity, you can sense your dream like state as if you are really there.  The sounds, the emotions even, the same drive against our source guidance that we often possess in our waking lives.  We are just as defiant in dream state that we are in sleep.  Although at times you are so neutral in conscious thought, you let go of certain limiting beliefs usually just for a few seconds to embrace in the simplicity of the path that is really in front of you.  All along, turning towards the most difficult because you believe it to be the right path as laid out by generations before you but where has it gotten your world today, the path to fix a failures rather than thanking them for the end of a road so you know look towards the newly paved road that is clutter and baggage free and is lit with signs saying “yes, you are going the right way – keep going don’t look back” but what do you do, you look back to take a measurement maybe, to compare, to analyze for what forces outside of you are trying to direct.

There is not necessarily bad energy, that of humankind consciousness allowed what you consider to be bad in your world.  That is labeled bad was created all my humankind, all of it. And, because it was thus created by your hands – it must be changed by your hands.

We need to look at them from various viewpoints:  a grounded early understanding which included taking into account things like physics, the law of attraction, and at times even something like the the law of averages, universal law of consciousness – that which perputuates creation has consciousness.

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