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September 22, 2016 @ 6:15PM PST

I was up at 6am today so I could get some coffee and reading in before the painters arrived.  They were being kind and left mine to the last but now, alas, my little brown ramshackle writing cabin in the woods has been black swan makeover.

My outside deck area should be back to normal by tomorrow night so for this evening, which is very very cold, my little wobbley table and I are shoved into a corner.

It will be an early night so I’m very much looking forward to bed tonight.  My body aches.  I keep raking and raking.

The beauty that I keep unearthing brings tears to my eyes and I often sob like a baby at the grand scale of the life we are all given.  Everything was created for us so perfecty yet it is us, humankind, who really do mar the life experience.

We stand in hate towards people we do not barely know at times, we blame everything or everything outside of that which is causing the probelm – us!

We are the only thing holding us back from happiness.  We must release everything and be guided by which that gave that of heart and soul to imagine and craft the ground we walk, every nuaune precisly balanced between perfection and destruction.  It is all laid there in simply, naturalistic from for us to mold into whatever kind of experience we wish for ourselves.

The keyword there is ourselves and not any human being should dictate that which one should believe.  I’m not even saying people should live as they want because, at least for the next couple generations, they are going to have a lot of hard lessons to learn especially that of ego – and believing that can be whatever they want.  They are to be whatever that created this universe, and our lives, set forth for them to experience – we all have a particular path in life.  Not everyone’s path is that of millionaire, celebrity, artist, dancer, mother, father or even that of having a lover, a partner.

Everyone seems to be trying to fill up the same cup.  While some are holding cups with holes in them because they don’t know what they want and they are allowing everyone to dictate what they are meant to believe.

Law of Consciousness Rule ! – Everyone has a choice, this is the choice that peole talk about, everyone has a choice to believe exactly what they choose to believe.  Not everyone can believe the same thing, it’s a simple concept called perspective.  Everyone will see something from a different point of view and the same thing goes on for beliefs.

Parents should never tell there children what to “believe” or at least offer some side advice and let them know it’s up to them to decide.

Now, let’s be fair – it’s great to believe that fire burns, yes, this is something I would, too, if blessed and allowed some day would tell my children.  Also, I would ask them why they believe they would want to touch it?

There are things that will draw our attention and we will be guided to touch, it is our choice to do so or not.

Which guides us does not tell us to go around touching everything, they space in between the disconnect is drawing that towards the fire because it desires to break through the disconnect and is bound to exort to sometimes outlandish, devestating things to themelves and usually other people, and living creaturs.

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