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September 21, 2016 @ 8:24PM PST

It’s seems later than it really is but body is beaten down, I worked today until my knees buckles and I feel to my knees.  And, it didn’t seem like enough.  I showered and enjoyed the hot water and even my tin can metal frame box – I left the lights off and just a candle from the other room illuminated just enough light so I could scrub the dirt, paint and smell off of my still trembling from raking arms.

But I want to keep raking for some reason but it’s too dark out and it’s really, really cold outside but from my desk it’s too beautiful to go inside, I would rather layer on extra sweatshirts with cozy hoods.  I’m all bundled up like a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookie.  LOL.

While I raked today, letting Adam play with the design of the path as I was attempting to clear a fairly large field of space.  I thought it would be fun to focus in on some inner thoughts, emotional healing work and let Adam tell me which way to rake.  It might sound weird that I’d rather discuss the path which I should rake rather than more thought provoking questions – it’s taken me so long to really deeply, so much so I can almost forget a time when I believed otherwise, I know it’s really all about the small stuff and relishing in the absolutely perfect creation of the biggest Creator of all, whatever we believe in – something that created such a beautfiul planet fo us to live and have life experiences created everything so perfectly how could that create humankind so flawed.

While I followed Adam’s guidance on which way to rake, at least a couple hours went by until a tall man with dark hair and mostace and his dog began walking towards from from the farest end.

I blinked a couple times to make sure that I wasn’t seeing a mirage.  I leaned into my rake and greeted this strange gentleman and his dog.

“I hope you are pleased with your personally paved path.”, I shouted with a host like tone in my voice because I had never seen this person before and that side of the property is closed and inexessible.

“It needs to be done a lot more around here but no one is ever out here doing it.”, he said just as he almost began passing me so I was able to get a closer look.

He wore sort brown dress pants that were short, which were more than half way up his camel color dingy work boots.  A fairly formal looking jacket laid at midlenth accentuating his height as he walked by.

He was mentally handicapped adult man with white reddish hue pale skin and dark, black thick short hair that was cut as one would expect.  Over his slightly slurring mouth sat a perfectly groomed mostache.  At his core, regardless his physical conditions, just made him more insteresting was a true gentleman.

He headed to the creek and after a short detour he made his way back where I was even farther along with my raking – and almost to where I was going to stop, so I had hope to finish soon.

He stopped and began explaining to me about the difference in the trees on the property and this went on for a short, but considerable amount of time, especially when I just wanted to finish.

I felt myself getting concerned about the time and I began feeling selfish because there were other things I wanted to do with my evening.

While I reminded myself that there is probably a wonderful lesson or experience in this and that the dried brush has been there for years and could wait, I began intentantly listening to his stories.

I sit here now and hope this man is safe, I would have taken him in and his old tired dog that looked like it would bite you if you sat too close to it.

Well, I eventually excused myself back to my raking.  Not much longer after that he returned without his dog but holding a large walking stick.  His workboots and short pants hobbling down my neating raked field and path.

He came back to show me his artwork, he crafts walking sticks out of beautiful pieces of woods he finds out on his walks with his dog, Dexter.

While I was fascinated at this idea and remember my grandfather walked his dog and carried a walking stick, I, too, thought I would want one for my walks with Adam.  It would sure come in handy when dealing with the unleashed country dogs that meanander around.

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