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September 19, 2016

Saying “no” is like saying our glass is full and we have enough… rather than keeping our glass empty so we always ready to receive.  A dear, and sheepishly handsome friend Brian made me do one day when I couldn’t see having compassion for someone that has become so disconnected from source, god, who or whatever.  However, it is important to explain our definition of disconnected.

We, you, us – all living things have a consciousness.  Everything that is alive and pertuates life, means, creates anything that helps sustain life, speaking of that which was naturally included in the design of earth.

Anything with consciousness is guided.  One must keep in mind that the concept of being guided and what guides that is subjective to that which is being guided.  For example, a tree is guided by the sun, to keep reaching towards it.  That part of the tree that stops reaching towards the sun eventually dies off, falls to the ground and becomes brush, years and years, layers and layers of brush.  Fallen off pieces of unnecessarily stuff while not looking down to see what it has lost, it is guided to the sun.

Unlike the tree we, humankind, tend to hold onto unneeded stuff – beliefs, negative emotions and the destructive behavior that accompies it, people, and so on.    (Note:  I like the idea of other stuff we hold onto…. could topic to discuss.)

So with all this extra weight it is difficult to get up, to keep allowing that which guides us – and that is more powerful than all other guidance available to that of consciousness.

Law of Consciousness #2:  Humankind is the most connected being to that of Source that currently exists in This Universe.

Now even though that seems like a powerful law, there are several things to take into considersation as there is with any philisophical, spiritual, religious teaching – this goes for them all PEOPLE — ALL OF THEM.

We live on Earth, right?  I need you to agree to that at least.  Now, on Earth we are obvious scientifically proven and specifically that of the quantum physic sectors, because humankind is corporeal (of having body), you are bound to various law, like the law of gravity, and as a collective whole and often not discussed is the Law of Averages.

That which makes up the entire whole of the current state of well-being, living consciouness and that of say higher consciouness is “always in the perfect state of balance.”

Simply, the Universe will never allow an imbalance to take place within it’s realms.  Everything is always perfectly balanced.  So consider Averages, humankind, for the most part, has always been balanced even during it’s worst of times.

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