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Change.  Out with the old and in with the new.  A letting go of the bad and a time for allowing the good.

Well, no matter how we try to stay optimistic when there is change in our lives – we can’t help feeling scattered with thoughts about what to do next or how to fix what is just plain broken.  While we say that we want and deserve better lives, we still struggle to hold onto the remaining scraps of relationships, objects and unfinished business that was doomed from the start.

Until recently I wasn’t sure what my path was, and if it had anything to do with Adam’s message. Because through his teachings I began to see the possibility of a world where people are safe, nourished and life is valued enough that laws didn’t exist to protect it.

I asked Adam what path I should take and I received:

Anything that is started with the wrong intention, even if you think it’s the right thing to do – will fail.

You, we, humankind must start deciding for ourselves what path it is that we are meant to be on and not that which our friends, family, lovers or society feels most comfortable.

As a world of living beings, we’ve been scattered by individually based thought and told to believe that our conditions are controlled by circumstances and situations outside of our bodies, are out of our own control.  We’ve been lied to and finally you are ready for the truth.

When you are feeling unsure, scattered, and even beyond that of “shattered”…  remember that you are a piece of the legacy of humankind.  You’ve endured so much throughout the history of our planet to give up on your dreams, your true higher purpose and hopes… what is currently in front of you will be seen as a cake walk in no time… I promise.


Mr. K

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