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Rantings of a Mad Spirit Guide: Signs

Next time you’re out for a walk or the telephone rings, here’s a little something about “signs” for you to consider.  There is plenty more that we’ll discuss but, for now, be sure to pay attention and always pay appreciation.

Mr. K


Mr. K:  Adam, how do we tell if something is a sign or if we’re just overthinking everything, like making something out of nothing?

Yes, everything is a sign, every movement, conversation, decision, they are all signs.  They’re just not all for you since there are many living beings all having their own experiences and journeys.  If you are consistently looking for signs in everything, you will easily become confused with conflicting messages.

Mr. K:  That’s helpful but now I have to try and sort through these signs, or coincidences, and try to figure out if it was for me or someone else?  Sounds like there’s an App idea, one could flick signs across the screen, like phone calls from people we don’t like or that bird that sits outside my window and stares in.

We might suggest that you flick good signs at bad people instead of using bad to heal the bad but that is a topic for further exploration.  For now, remember, to use your heart.  The way something feels to you in your heart, the purest part of everything you know that is true will always guide you to where you want to be.  Be careful that you clearly feel that it is a good feeling, a warm and comfortable feeling, it is not one that is necessarily of love.  We will discuss love and soulmates but this is different.

It’s the truth you know that you may never want to admit.  If you are married and feel in your heart that your marriage is troubled, begin to see your truth of how your life would be in your ideal world.  But, be honest.. most of you won’t even admit to yourselves in a dark room with no one listening what that it is you really want.

We know what it is that you want and are trying to guide you to it in a very loving kind way but you think in actions, and are listening to people who are often operating from a lower consciousness state.

Unfortunately, what dreams most of you have for yourselves will never happen unless you begin to live your truths.  This is the first step towards rebuilding your humanity and world, while allowing future generations the fullest gift of understanding their birthrights to achieve what mankind is to achieve.

Begin to realize and take control of your emotions, your truths and your birth given guidance.

Mr. K:  Can we go back to that App idea again?  It was a little more fun to talk about.  




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