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One should be able to sit within themselves, and for that which is their life, their path, and with the comfort that they, themselves, solely and most importantly individually with no exterior forces are responsible for their own happiness. Until it is possible to give cause for that which displeases without including that of what, is, was, had been done to you by someone else then an attachment to their own personal self lingers and numbs the natural aspects of well-being and in time those feelings disappear. The results can be seen in society at all levels from drug riddled street people to affluent children of the wealthy. It doesn’t matter what caused the initial infraction that began this tearing from natural love and well-being (embrace.)

You were given life. This life. For a reason. And the circumstances that you currently find yourselves in, which includes all of that which encompasses your daily lives, were designed specifically to guide you to this….

The planet we are on is one of millions of objects in this universe but there’s only one of you, humankind. We are unlike anything else that exists anywhere else. Even the other consciousness having beings that are, too, existing simultaneously. Humankind was created to be hand, eyes, voice of that which created Everything.

Before we can allow that which will bring us happiness in life, we must take ownership of what we keep holding onto that brings us sadness.

Whatever it is that brings you sadness, you may choose to look at it differently – take a new perspective and realize that it has probably served it’s purpose and, now…. it’s time to let go.

A prayer or statement of intention:

I ask for guidance to see clearly what and who is meant to be on my path – and release it back to you and await for my continued journey towards new experiences.

All my love,

Mr. K


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