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We are nurturing beings by design and require it in order to be balanced emotionally.

Nurturing can described as the love of mother and child, the father as protector and provider, a long trusting friendship and especially those intimate encounters.

Most of us, get to experience nurturing in pure form but far too often there are those whom spend their lives searching it out.

Regardless of social status, or if it’s lined in gold or dust, that which we think is going to fulfill us or nurture that which is broken – will not heal if medicated with a placebo. You may think something is going to go away or something fantastic will come, but there is always that untold or pushed down truth in the back of our throat that wants to speak.

That voice that is always right and has been right is the one we need to nurture.

We begin to do so by forgiving ourselves for ignoring “the part of us that knew better.” ¬† It’s like a little child that tried to tell you the house was on fire and you pretended no one was there.

Well, you are still standing and there’s the best of you, the parts of you that were most important to be saved are¬†still there. Remember, as long as your heart is still beating – that bigger part of you is still in contact.

Whenever you don’t know what to do just take a really big deep breath and give a confident exhale because it’s your breath and your life, and your path.

Mr. K

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