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I. Evolution of Mr. K ~ In the beginning…

At one point in my life, it felt like no matter what I did, said, thought, embodied, believed, hoped would make a damn difference.  Because, every time I seemed to get my head just barely above the water an undertow would sweep past me to pull me back down.  A vicious 3-4 year cycle of ups and downs, drowning and floating, waiting and wishing made up the four decades up to this point in my life.  Looking back over these years, I barely recognize myself anymore and at times my body doesn’t even feel like my own.  (This will come to be explained in fantastic way.)

All during each of these cycles, I would climb up from times of hunger to reach beyond that which I ever thought of, but it wasn’t always long before the next big plunge.  And you know, it’s almost as if I could tell when they were coming and I even started to brace myself for the push in.  Maybe the most sensible decision would have been to invest in some scuba gear.

It seemed that whatever kept pushing me in knew something I had to learn.  And the lesson that was about to unfold would come to bring a new way of thought, something would expand my world beyond anything I dreamed, desired or could have imagined was humanly possible.

As our journey will lay itself out and as I begin to explain, and for what I just laugh off today. I would like to introduce you to Adam, our friendly neighborhood spirit guide, voice of higher consciousness or whatever you would like to call him…  who, I would come to find out, was often the one holding the rope that was tied around my skinny little neck during these cold plunges.

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