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What do we have in our lives that we can really call our own?

Everything can be taken away from us: children are taken away from their parents or in some cases aren’t taken away from their parents, our own beliefs and truths are often created by someone else because it makes them feel better, and even your own personal life path that was blessed upon you at birth can even be misdirected by those living in lower conscious thought and whom are afraid to heal from their own mistakes.

In the end, we only have one thing we can call our own… our humanity.

The way we rise and can still smile,
the way we refuse to quit,
the way we are created in the image of all that is great,
the way we forgive the past, and
the way we hope for a better future.

That which created you shows itself in your humanity, it is what takes over and helps us allow the greatness that no one will ever bestow upon you… it’s yours for the taking.

Go be great my guiders….

Mr. K

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