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A Big Gold Star

I was having a discussion with a colleague about some of the Heart Guided Life materials and I was struggling with how to present or share them with people. During the conversation, she was focusing on a situation that was, we’ll say, unresolved within her. She had been working at a company and pitched to her supervisor an idea for a type of onsite mindfulness training for employees or some other new age stuff rigamarole.

The company had been going through a transformation, where it was relocating from one area to another and if this mindfulness program was accepted it might have led to an opportunity in a new city.

It’s almost too obvious for my fingers to type these words but, of course, you saw this coming: she didn’t get the job, was laid-off and her idea was implemented and the supervisor received the “credit.”

I asked her why she pitched the idea of the mindfulness training program and she said “because it was a good idea.”

I responded “Then, aren’t you pleased the program got picked up?” (I was not being sarcastic.)

“But my boss got all the credit!” continuing on that it was her idea and that her boss stole it.

“Where you wanting to move and thought you’d get offered a new post at the company?”, I asked.

“That really wasn’t the reason, I’m not even sure if I would have liked living there, and, my family is settled here.”, she replied.

Realizing that my own capacity to feel compassion was diminished because I was still thinking back about my own troubles that needed to be addressed but, alas, I draw upon the bigger part of me and said:

You deserve a big gold star. You should have received it the day you turned in your proposal and I’m sorry you didn’t get that recognition. It is difficult to see why the loss of “credit” or having an idea stolen, that you didn’t want anything else to do with, which was placed into action is still bothering you. What could you have possibly achieved with some credit now in your life that you couldn’t do before? I was very confused by this, and again wanted to get back to my problems.

(Yes, even during states of higher consciousness we can get cranky… it’s not all butterflies, fairies and chanting. Higher consciousness is total clear focus and pure thought that we will master like no others in history. We will learn to build a relationship, a partnership, with that which guides us.)

Needless to say, she realized that in the end – it was the best thing that could have happened for her (yeah again – you probably saw that happening too) because her life was destined for another greatness and not of some office meditation propaganda.

She also was able to let go of the notion of “credit” realizing the extraordinary ability she possesses to manifest. So, if she was to get a gold star for every manifestation in her life, she would be constantly bombarded with a… you get a star, you get a star, everybody gets a big gold f’ing star. Rather now, she sees the credit being shared by all living beings that enjoy that of her manifestations regardless of the path at which they are born.

Take that one my guiders and get out of your own way… your higher selves know what’s best for you, for us, everyone… and what’s coming for you is far bigger and what has been dished out so far should barely be considered appetizers.

Keep on guiding,

Mr. K

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