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Life, itself, is about the physical world, the things we can see, touch, feel, hear and experience – that is the allure of being alive.

And, because of that, it’s often too difficult to relinquish the concept that what we achieve during our time here in these bodies needs to be one of achievements, accomplishments and success.  Even after one passes, there are those alive that still carry on their “spirit” and live their lives chasing ghosts and reconnection with that which is gone.

Throughout our lives we desire things, we want, we hope and we wait… often, we wait forever and don’t see the manifestation that we were expecting.  Here’s the real secret, if something isn’t meant to be on your life path – no matter how much you focus, meditate or keep positive, something things aren’t meant to happen.  Consider this the ultimate hall pass.

That which guides you and everyone else always knows better than we do – we are only given that which is part of our life path and that which brings us pure and true happiness.

Be thankful for the things that didn’t work out as much as the things that do.

And, for now my guiders… hold patient and true to your higher selves!

Mr. K

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