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Rantings of a Mad Spirit Guide: God

Oh my guiders, I often still learn the hard way when asking for clarification and guidance but even between worlds we can still give each other a jab or two and have a laugh. Build your relationships with that which guides you and nurture it just as we will help nurture each other one by one.

Enjoy the following rant… Mr. K



Mr. K:  Does God Exist?


Mr. K:  Did I say something wrong?


Anything that has ever been written in any religion, or that of any translation or perspective and those of new perspectives that will come, including their Gods, deities, symbols, rules and dogma exists. So, sure. God exists.

Mr. K:  Well that doesn’t sound as exciting as I thought the answer was going to be.   So, which god is God then, there’s gotta be something up there running the show.



Mr. K:  Reeeeally?

That which is good, of good heart, is that of pure energy and creation; that creates the universes and even beyond that, but only creates that which is meant for life – to perpetuate life. And because of that one and only purpose and intention, to create the best for it’s own creation of life, to give it beauty, love, happiness, joy. Why else would all that is good go through such to create planets for life to be, and then to feel from those on your planet the sadness and disconnection among each other. If the universe can work together to create land, water, food and bodies for you – why would you think God would ever want suffering, pain and such human-less conditions that is easily accepted as the way things are but celebrated by some to announce their humanness. All that is good has never asked for anything in return but to have it creations, you, life, live one of that is complete existence.


Are you satisfied with the answer to such a question?

(Quiet, Pause)

Mr. K:  No wonder people rather just use Google.

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