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Get Out of My Head

You know that feeling you get right before the phone rings that someone is going to call.

That’s an easy way to describe what connection to guidance is like. I can have that feeling whenever I want, friends can tell me they know what I’m thinking, people will know to call me if I need to talk or I know when to reach out and touch someone.

In order to establish some vibration or understanding of what it is like to connect with guidance we need to relate to what we have already experienced.

Look at the following scenarios, you have experienced anxiety when a love one was in trouble, in your gut you knew you were right about something but didn’t follow it, you told yourself that this doesn’t feel right but you ignored it anyway.

Think about those sensations when any of those happen to you or if you experienced a “hmmmm” moment. One of those I should have known better. That’s because you, the higher self part of you, knew better and was trying to tell you but you didn’t. This happens all of the time when we enter a situation with the wrong intention by trying to do the right thing.

How many times have we tried to do the “right thing” by helping someone out, doing a good deed, being kind, just to have it come back and sort of bite us in the ass?

Before we can truly understand this, look at moments you had divine inspiration, a great idea, an unworldly thought that made you think, where did this come from? Something you never thought you’d consider but know you have come to accept. That is guidance. Guidance is all accepting.

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