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On every path will be some sorrow, some type of pain that no matter how you look at it – it makes it hard to breathe and even stand up.  We cling to fantasies, dreams and hopes to be saved – just throw me a rope, please.  These times of utter desperation is when you will stand most closest to your true higher self.  While these are both thrilling and dangerous times because you are receiving direct higher conscious guidance, your human body, the one that is desperate to be saved can only think in action.  Actions being the self abuse chasing of relief (food, sex, drugs, any indulgence) to just temporarily ease the pain, and thoughts of loss.

We spend our short lives chasing for answers that we think are outside of ourselves, rather than seeing the truth to our own existence and happiness, by remembering all that is good never left us behind and resonates within all life.

My friends and heart guiders, I promise you things are going to get better.  Unfortunately, things will get worse – but those of you that are finding this message are stronger and will help pave the way for the rest to follow.  It may take a while and during those times of desperation, we will remember that – things are going to get better.  The synchronicities that you are and have been experiencing are all making sense of that shift you’ve been feeling and this will leads towards a kinder and gentler world where humankind sets the standard for this magnificent life that we were given us.

And now, we, will begin the work.

Adam explains… we feel this deeper than most people and for too long you and I were being directed by our lower consciousness for a specific reason, a plan – for us to follow a distinct path in life to reach a level of awakening at this integral moment in time.  Throughout our lives we’ve experienced things differently than most people and see, feel and notice the movements of the universe.  Not everyone came into this life and time with the same life path that you came. Your world is living and your economies need be driven and families need to be fed. People need to live and work to sustain themselves, most of you on your true path often realize that of loss and sacrifice. Throughout history, many great teachers were lost to that of lower consciousness because of this imbalance in their lives that led to abandonment of faith and ultimately despair.

We must use our birth gifts of strength and perseverance, you, unlike so many, must begin to lead by example.  Be still, be silent and find your truth.

Relief from Desperation Tool

Feelings Addressed –   Sad, Anger, Hurt or feelings like Mad, Vengeful or thoughts of Sabotage and Destruction

Quiet yourselves during the darkest moments you feel sadness, close your eyes or find something nice to set your gaze upon or attention.  Breathe deep once with slow intentional use of your entire body and breathe out, do this again and do not exhale.  Hold your breathe in suspension for just a couple seconds – this is not a contest but to acknowledge that we, you, are alive.  Upon exhale, give thanks for the air that our planet was given.

Continue taking calm intentional breaths while imagining a silver and gold tether coming from your head and reaching up towards the sky.  It breaks the atmosphere and can no longer be seen.  This is your tether to your inner guidance.  The longer you sit with this, all within reason, will help you re-connect back to your source.  If you reached this point of awakening, it goes without saying that if you find yourself spending to much time with any of the Heart Guide Life tools and you are not seeing results, be sure you can clearly speak your truth for what you are seeking (or what answers or clarification you desire.)

Those of you that cry alone will soon shout in joy together, wait till you see what I see,

Mr. K

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