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Departure Day – Part One

As I reached for my iPhone to turn off the 6:30am alarm, I realized it was my last morning in my bed and I had no idea where or in what I would be sleeping in that evening.  I glanced over at my overstuffed 80L backpack, I’m trying to be cool with my camping lingo but I wish I knew what 80L meant when I bought the bag.  Needless to say, it weighed enough to pin me the the ground the first time I put it on.

Hitting the button on the coffeemaker was surreal, because each day for the last six years that machine was the first thing I gave attention to each day, and something I never thought I would miss.  Panic quickly set in because there was no room for this important instrument that conducts my morning wake up ritual.  

I tried to sip and savor the coffee so it could last forever and maybe hoping it would make me late for a bus that was going to leave me off somewhere like an orphan at a firestation.  The time passed quickly as if to ease my needless self pity and I headed to the shower which started the inevitable countdown.

After drying off I combed my hair, got dressed and where my brown leather shoes previously sat where a pair of clunky hiking boots.

I laced up these new boots with thick treads – wondering if I would find myself in a situation and being thankful for such traction.  Then I strapped on an 80 lb of whatever I considered important enough to carry it’s weight that I realized the lunacy of what I was about to do, and with that, I locked the door to what was “now” someone else’s home.

When I walked outside I immediately stepped into a never ending rabbit hole of strange coincidences and synchronicities, seekers in search for answers, teachers of other guides like Adam, but in the end all desiring a safer, kinder, more truthful world.  

And it started with Kimmie, who was to take me to the bus I was to board, and being the prodigal hunter for what we all desire – to know how to find our path, our direction and purpose.  Ah, Adam’s first encounter – I’m definitely not sure if I’m ready for this.


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