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Day 200 – The Journey

Today is the 200th day that I set out in search of my truth, a purified understanding of happiness, a testimony to why we are all here.

I went to the mountains to try and find Something Greater but It wasn’t there. With only what fit in my backpack I left everything else behind, I became empty. In all regards I became homeless, hungry and lived in a ramshackle of a cabin through constant days of freezing rain with often just a few books that I read too many times.

I was guided with the teachings of how to lighten my energetic weight which allowed me to rise up, higher and higher until I could finally be seen – thus, I was found.

“There you are, I’ve been waiting for you.” clapped like a thunderous overture shaking the century old pines where I meditated each day, prayed and beseeched forgiveness that was already given to me before I asked.

50,000 words later a manuscript laid in my hands entitled, “In Pursuit of a Heart Guided Life – The Poor Man’s Copy.” It is my thesis detailing how we can create a world where our elders are turned to for their wisdom and knowledge, and where our children can walk a summer’s night without fear of objectification.

I returned to Illinois, my birthplace. The hospital that I was born is literally outside of my window and now I retrace the steps leading up to this awakening and to pen the next writing “The Heart Guided Home – Origins.”

The days forward from here are leading up to something very special. And as hooky as this sounds, a ultimate joy is right around the corner for us all – it’s time to start knowing that it is, believing isn’t good enough anymore – knowing with absolute faith is required.

For those reading this, I send a wave of good will to you and am only a few words away if you feel the pull to reach out.

With Unconditional Love,
David Peter Kiaurakis

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