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September 11, 2016

Walking with Adam – The Journey Begins

The Journey to a Heart Guided Life – Walking with Adam On Sunday, September 4, 2016 at 9:40am PST, I boarded a bus and with whatever personal belongings that fit in a backpack.  Everything from that minute forward would be guided by Adam, my inner voice, my higher conscious – that bigger part of us […]
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August 28, 2016

Mr. K – Leap of “Absolute” Faith

August 28, 2016 Dear Guiders… Part of Adam’s work includes me venturing down a new path in my life to devote to “you” – those who are in search of the truth, happiness and know there is a better way to live. Over the next couple weeks, while I prepare to go out on the […]
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August 16, 2016

Adam Chronicles No. 010-60

Consciousness is without form it is pure energy and light. It was all that existed before even the galaxies, universe or worlds were created. It was from that formless energy that created form itself so that it could co-exist and co-create – so it could have life. Life through this new form. So it began […]
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August 14, 2016

I. Evolution of Mr. K ~ In the beginning…

At one point in my life, it felt like no matter what I did, said, thought, embodied, believed, hoped would make a damn difference.  Because, every time I seemed to get my head just barely above the water an undertow would sweep past me to pull me back down.  A vicious 3-4 year cycle of […]
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