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Begin with Your Truth

There is a wonderful change coming for everyone but so many of you are in very challenging times and are wondering why this is “happening to you.”  It’s all for a reason and even Adam’s messages and teachings have increased, so something is definitely afoot.

The following quote from Adam keeps coming to me each time I have a crisis, emergency or have to make a decision:

“Anything that is started with the wrong intention, even if you think it’s the right thing to do – will fail.”

As discussed in Scattered, when we are in a state of lower consciousness which is physically expressed through emotions like fear, worry, anxiety and those associated with loss, we become action focused rather than first having clarity of that which we truly want, or wanted in the first place.

When taking actions to relieve these emotions, we must always ask ourselves why it is that we are about to do this – like taking a loan, hurting someone or ourselves, or anything that begins with any other feeling than “right”, being right – feeling that it is the right thing to do, that with Humanity.  Listen to your hearts, no matter how desperate we get – don’t keep doing bad after bad to make it better.  Just like Adam’s quote, in the end it will fail and each time it gets harder and harder.

Saying good-bye is sad, but saying hello to the life you know you should have is a lot more fun…  stay true,

Mr. K

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