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Adam Chronicles No. 010-61

There are levels of consciousness available to all living things.  Animals have a different connection to consciousness than do humans.  It is up to the person digesting this segment as to whether they wish to adopt the theory that consciousness exists in all living things.  For argument sake, and at this time, we are to focus on that of human consciousness.  Although references will be made to and for all living beings and things having a range to varying degrees of consciousness.

As each person is gifted with The Right, one of a few true rights you actually have that can can not be dictated by your worldly laws, or mandated by other humans upon humans.  Acknowledgement of this Right – The Right to Individual Belief – was given to you upon your birth.  

Knowing this birth Right, now, should help you as you continue on.  The formation of these Rights will be shared and the principals associated with each.  In the meantime, it is important for you to understand that this Right can never be taken from you or forced upon you by anyone else.  You were birthed with a free consciousness to decide for yourself what it is that You were to have as your Personal Truths (or beliefs.)  We equipped your body with tools to help you understand what your Truths were because it was out of Love and Compassion you were to never be left unhappy or sad.

Just as there are varying degrees of intelligence throughout the animal species, for example a dog could be considered more intelligent than a squirrel – taking into consideration that there is probably somewhere a squirrel that supersedes its own species thus expanding its intelligence beyond that of a dog – this same kind of scale can be used to express varying levels of human consciousness among yourselves, which is different from animal consciousness.

Your consciousness has been labeled many things by many people during the course of what you understand as your planet’s history.  Unfortunately, The Message that was left at the inception of human consciousness became distorted throughout Time by those who were to be our teachers of our Message.


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