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Adam Chronicles No. 010-60

Consciousness is without form it is pure energy and light. It was all that existed before even the galaxies, universe or worlds were created. It was from that formless energy that created form itself so that it could co-exist and co-create – so it could have life. Life through this new form. So it began creating the cosmos, universe and down to your planet. If one would want to understand patience they only need to look to that which created your world. It has taken millions of years for it to just bare human life yet some of your planet mates deem it necessary, some of you believe is necessary, to complete what they believe to be an education or what that makes them comfortable with others learning of, have a career, procure land, family just to have to fear their own children’s safety at those schools, while some believe they have no choice but to inflict harm on others for what they maintain as their Personal Truth.

There is confliction among yourselves that require such self imposed righteousness that their is one way to exist in your human, with form, lives. The Message that was given up the creation of human consciousness is spread throughout most of your philosophies, religions and sciences. And, that Message, was given to you at birth and is always with you.

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